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Newsletters Guide

Part 3 Choosing the Right Email Platform

There are many choices when selecting an email platform. I won’t suggest any one option, but I will provide some overarching questions to ask when considering any email service.

  • Do you control your data? Can you move your subscribers, for example, and download a list?
  • What sort of CRM does it have on the back end for managing relationships with your community?
  • Is it going to stick around? Will it be bought by someone else?
  • How is its customer support?
  • What analytics and testing support does it have? (How can it help you learn and improve your strategy?)
  • How will you be writing for it (automatic/RSS/social feed or handwritten/edited)?
  • Does it play well with your current tech stack (CMS, Ad server, CRM, etc.)?
  • Who is it primarily trying to serve (marketers, activists, media)?
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