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The North Carolina Local News Lab Fund works to ensure that all North Carolinians have access to the local news and information they need to make their communities thrive.


The Fund was established by a group of local and national funders who believe in the power of local journalism, local stories, and local people to strengthen our democracy.

The Fund will support people and organizations working to build a healthier local news and information ecosystem for all North Carolinians. It is managed by an advisory group made up of local stakeholders and Democracy Fund.

The central goal of The North Carolina Local News Lab Fund is to provide more relevant and useful news and information for North Carolina communities. To achieve that goal the fund will invest in projects that foster more audience-centered, diverse, trusted, engaged, collaborative, and sustainable local news and information for state. The Fund recognizes that North Carolinians get their news and information from a wide array of sources and it will invest in bold and creative ideas both inside traditional journalism and well beyond it. If successful, North Carolinians will have greater access to the news and information they need to participate fully in their communities and our democracy.

We are still welcoming new partners into the fund. Contact us if you’d like to discuss contributing to support a bright future for local news in North Carolina. We welcome questions and comments at localnewslab@democracyfund.org.

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