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May 13, 2022

Local Fix: Blooming with information

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Welcome to the Local Fix. Every other week we look at key questions in journalism sustainability and community engagement through the lens of local news. But first, we always begin with one good idea…

“Water your garden with information”

We’re in the full swing of spring where your Local Fix writers live, and this gem was shared by Alexander Diaz in the News Product Alliance’s community call last week. Diaz and NPR product colleagues Matti Henefield and Khalon Richard explained their process of shifting 191 of NPR member station sites and the mothership to a new CMS (yikes) and emphasized the importance of keeping people updated about small wins along the way. How can you bring some more TLC to the projects you’re working on? (P.S. Interested in the next community call? Join the NPA slack here to stay tuned.)
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A mini guide to recent guides

In the past few weeks, several resources have been shared to help local journalists and beyond. These guides are great starting points for projects that can bring together all kinds of partners. But we also know that a wealth of knowledge lives on in guidebooks past; the Center for Cooperative Media’s guide to guides (linked below) helps bring many of them together. Next week CCM is hosting the Collaborative Journalism Summit both in Chicago and online (Christine will see you there, virtually!) so we figured now is a great time to highlight these and the other resources below. What tipsheets are we missing? Reply to this email to let us know or tag us on Twitter @TheLocalNewsLab.

  • Chalkbeat’s Local News Field Guide — Check out the section on “embrace your inner reporter to navigate philanthropy,” as Chalkbeat shares the scoop on how it became a local reporting network and fundraising powerhouse. (Plus: sign up for workshops this summer to discuss how to put this field guide into action!)
  • Reynolds Journalism Institute — Fellows are sharing their toolkits as the academic year comes to a close, from Yukari Kane’s prison journalism navigator to Hannah Wise’s toolkit for serving the disability community.
  • Center for Cooperative Media — Guides on image verification, starting news site, reporting with sensitivity, and more can be found here.
  • Trans Journalists Association — In light of recent events, the group shared a thread of best practices for inclusive language in abortion coverage.
  • Don’t mind if we toot our own horn: On the Local News Lab, guides from hosting focus groups to launching crowdfunding campaigns have been some of the most visited resources.
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On our radar


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