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February 18, 2022

Local Fix: “February is an honest month”

Welcome to the Local Fix. Every other week we look at key questions in journalism sustainability and community engagement through the lens of local news. But first, we always begin with one good idea…

One Good Idea: Make an FAQ

Any good investigation starts with a good question, right? The Seattle Times’ investigative team decided to back up their reporting and start with ten of them. This allowed them to be transparent in their process and to answer some of their readers’ most frequently asked questions in, you got it, an FAQ. Trusting News highlighted how engagement editor Taylor Blatchford got the whole team to contribute answers and the response from readers so far. Check out the list of questions (and answers!).

Five things inspiring us in February

Breaking news: February can be … kind of bleak, as this St. Louis reporter showcased in a viral TV segment. So, we pulled together a few things that have been pulling us out of our wintery doldrums and inspiring us this month. We hope they inspire you, too. 

  1. “During times of massive collective loss, let us rebuke apathy by reimagining social justice organizations and formations as vehicles to metabolize and transform grief into agency. This requires resilient infrastructure and embodied methodology” — Malkia Devich-Cyril, Grief Belongs in Social Movements. Can We Embrace It?
  2. The new results from the Center for Community Media’s study of how New York City government advertising dollars supported community and ethnic media, based on the mayor’s executive order: “In fiscal year 2021, 30 of 33 city agencies spent at least 50 percent of their print and digital advertising in community and ethnic media.” 
  3. “Ecosystem building is a long game,” Stefanie Murray of the Center for Cooperative Media in New Jersey shared in Current’s Local That Works webinar. She and Rashad Mahmood of the New Mexico Local News Fund talked about their experiences building connections across their statewide local news ecosystems. (And you can watch it here!)
  4. Last week, our team played a version of Pictionary (yes, on Zoom) where we listed buzzwords and jargon we keep using. We took turns trying to draw — and then explain — them!
  5. When you want lasagna but you also want soup: this recipe is your next go-to.

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