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May 26, 2017

Local Fix: Social Media Tool Kit, Trust, TV News

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But first, we always begin with one good idea…One Good Idea: Make a Social Media Tool Kit

Across Women’s Lives, a reporting initiative from public radio’s PRI, recently shared how social media is part of the process of its reporting at all stages. The post is a useful look at the different ways to integrate social media, especially the need for preparation, including a link to a tool kit social media editor Isis Madrid sent to the reporting team.

Cause You Gotta Have Trust

New research published this week by API reminds us that we should be thinking about gaining trust with more nuance. Just as studies show people don’t trust Congress, but trust their representative, the new research showed that Americans are skeptical of “the news media,” but trust the news they consume themselves more. How could we use this information to keep building trust?

A Better Way to Cover Terror

Our advice, when news breaks, is to seek out local reporters who are on the ground and have history and context in the place where news is unfolding. But in the wake of many tragedies and crisis situations, local news organizations go well beyond reporting and become platforms for mobilizing community response. In addition to their tireless reporting, The Manchester Evening News has helped raise more than a million dollars for the victims. Tragedies like the attack in Manchester this week can bring out the best, and the worse in newsrooms. This week we highlight a few thoughtful articles offering guidance and warnings for how newsrooms report on terror and breaking news.

Stay Classy, Local Fix

In debates about the future of news, Local TV gets left out of the picture over and over. Local TV news is still how many people get their news. It’s an important reminder to make sure local TV is part of the conversation, and that we’re checking out the trends and experiments happening there. Here are just a few articles we find interesting on the topic:
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